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How to properly update your clams

posted Dec 03, 2010 01:05:25 by Fassbinder
Updating your clams is very important. The best way to keep track if your clams are up to date is to make sure they are by checking their versions. This however does not mean rely on the name of the clam. This is the order in which you MUST update your clams and there is no exceptions to these rules.

Prior to version 2.00 - Must contact Chiman Fassbinder.
Version 2.000 - Use the 2.200 updater
Version 2.200 - Use the 2.202 updater
Version 2.202 - Use the 2.300 updater
Version 2.300 - Use the 2.400 updater

Please make sure you update from oldest to newest to save yourself headaches. If you have any issues or questions please feel free to message me in game or reply to this thread. Thank you.
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