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Version 2.700 is officially live

posted Dec 14, 2010 01:30:23 by Fassbinder
These are the update notes for Version 2.700.

1. Removed pop up messages after most clams were clicked.

2. Adjusted traits genetics to make it a bit easier for clams to have multiple traits. (changed even more so from 2.600

3. Updated and replaced Seasonals & Holiday clams that can be birthed within the system as well as Inverteds.

4. Changed particle emiter script in order to prevent failed messages and updated particles.

5. Adjusted the set owner button, will now reset the clam for you, please note adult females will return to term 1 after using this option.

6. Updated new holidays, as well as specials.

7. Changed what is needed in order to give birth to inverted clams.
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